What can I expect?

Before starting the treatment, we can have a quick chat as an opportunity for you to share anything you'd like me to know - such as areas you may like me to focus on or keep in mind. If you would prefer not to mention anything, that is, of course, absolutely fine too! Then it's simply a case of making yourself comfortable and I can begin the treatment. I've got some soft lighting in the room and there will be some relaxing music playing gently in the background.

What happens during a treatment?

Reiki is passed to the client through a series of hand placements on or just above the body. I work intuitively and follow where my hands are guided, focussing on any areas you may have mentioned to me beforehand. While it's not necessary to feel anything during a treatment, some clients feel sensations such as warmth, tingling, coolness, vibrations, energy flow or experience seeing colours, images and of course, relaxation to the point of drifting off. As I say to everyone, please don't ever worry about falling asleep during a treatment - it's lovely to see this relaxation taking place! On the other hand, if you don't feel relaxed during a treatment that's ok too - anything goes and Reiki continues to do it's thing no matter how we experience the treatment. At the end of a treatment I will share anything that has come to mind for me throughout the session too. I tend to tell clients everything, just in case anything does resonate and may be useful!

What do I need to do?

Pop off your shoes for comfort and make yourself as comfortable as possible on the treatment bed. If you'd like to share anything with me beforehand you are very welcome to, otherwise I will simply begin the treatment. Most clients naturally close their eyes during a session and this can be useful for taking away the visual distractions around us, but only if you feel comfortable. If for any reason you would like me to stop the treatment, you can just let me know at any time. If you are coming for an in-person treatment for the first time, there will be a consent form to sign just beforehand but this will also be emailed out to you to bring with you if you'd rather do it at home.

What about distance Reiki treatments?

With distance treatments the only difference is that I am not physically in the room with you. Before the treatment you can let me know of any physical or emotional points you would like me to focus on during the session - or not, again it is completely up to you. While Reiki can be sent while you are doing something, I often recommend being in a quiet place where you can be comfortable, warm and not disturbed for the duration of the treatment. I am also now offering the option to connect via Zoom (video call) for distance treatments. This makes no difference to the effectiveness of a treatment but can often be a nice way of connecting.

How will it feel?

How a treatment feels varies from person to person but in general, most feel a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing. Some feel sensations such as heat or coolness radiating through the practitioner's hands, have visions, fall asleep or have other spiritual experiences - anything goes! After a treatment, many people feel a sense of balance and release of tension in the body, both physical and emotional. Some may experience very little in the way of sensations - everyone's experience is personal to them and there are no 'shoulds' or 'shouldn'ts'.

Can I bring someone with me?

If you have someone with you they will be politely asked to wait outside while the treatment takes place.

What can be treated with Reiki?

Reiki is an energy treatment for everyone and everything! It can help to promote and remind us of our innate healing abilities, while bringing a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. It can be used to help treat physical conditions/tensions in the body as well as help to balance out any emotional/spiritual needs.

If I am on medication, do I need to speak to my doctor before receiving Reiki?

Not unless you'd like to. Reiki is completely safe and natural and works in harmony with any medication or other treatments you may be receiving.

What if I am pregnant?

Many pregnant women have boasted of the wonderful effects Reiki has had during their pregnancies. It's 100% safe for pregnant women to receive Reiki and is often used as a natural aid during birth too, beneficial to both mother and baby.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Depending on what you are hoping Reiki will do for you, the results of Reiki treatments vary. Reiki in essence, can help to remind us of our innate healing abilities & wellbeing, no matter what our experience during or after a treatment. As mentioned before, there are no shoulds or shouldn'ts and while I have found Reiki to help bring about wonderful healing experiences, the gift of healing is already built into all of us. If you are drawn to Reiki that's wonderful and if not, that's wonderful too - you have everything you need in order to heal, whether Reiki treatments are part of that process for you or not.