Reiki is a Japanese natural healing system founded by Mikao Usui.

The word Reiki, has two parts:

Rei = Spirit, Devine, Source

Ki = Universal Energy, Life Force Energy or simply Energy!

So together, the word Reiki is normally translated as Spiritual Energy.

It's a Japanese technique which promotes relaxation, stress reduction and healing. By simply placing hands on or above the body, a Reiki practitioner transfers the energy flow to the person receiving the treatment. It is 100% safe and wouldn't interfere with any medical treatments you may be undergoing - it's actually now used in many hospitals around the country as a complementary healing treatment for patients.

Reiki can be shared with everyone - no matter what your background or beliefs may be. Reiki in essence can help to remind us of our innate healing abilities and wellbeing

Mikao Usui