Due to Covid-19, there are some extra safety measures in place for in-person treatments:

  • Facemasks - to be worn in the salon and throughout your appointment with the exception of when laying facing down on the bed. I will also be wearing a facemask and any other necessary PPE throughout.

  • If you would like hands on treatments I can provide these but will be wearing disposable gloves for them - these will be put on just before the treatment and immediately disposed of afterwards. They will have no other affect on the treatment but to simply keep the risk of contamination much lower - as far as I know the power of Reiki has yet to be stopped by wearing gloves! Otherwise I can of course provide hands off treatments too and this makes no difference to the treatment either - it's just nice to give you the choice!

  • There is more time between appointments for sanitising the room, which also means fewer appointments available. Please arrive on time for your appointment rather than too early so you can just come straight in.

  • I will be using fresh, clean towels per client rather than blankets to cover the body so there is no sharing of blankets.

  • Disposable pillow and bed covers will be used and of course changed between clients and the bed will be sanitised each time.

  • Please bring your own water with you as we are not offering refreshments at the salon for now.

  • There will be plenty of hand sanitiser available around the salon and in the room and I'll be asking each client to please sanitise their hands before coming into the room itself.

  • Also where possible please bring a card for payments as this is the preferred way to handle money at the moment. I can still accept cash though if this isn't possible.

  • As we all know, if you are feeling unwell at all, are showing any signs of infection or have found out that you've been in contact with someone with the virus within 2 weeks of your appointment, please cancel and rebook for a later date.

If you have any questions, please just get in touch!